Lazy sunday

Hey guys! Today I am just chillaxin, watchin movies and eating food. So I wanted to tell you guys that acouple of weeks ago I had alot of pain in my ankle so I had to go around in school in my wheel chair. It was the day after and I was in mathclass when someone told me that seventh graders where talking about me. When I herd that people where talking about me I was very upset and told one of my friends, so she went to talk to the person who told me that people where talking about me. Thats whare she told me what the seventh graders where talking about. They where saying that I did not need ny wheel chair and also that I was using the wheelchair to get attention. I mean ya I get alot of attention, like people asking me things like are you ok what happened and why are you in a wheel char? But that does not mean I like the attention and all of that is a lie. Do you want to know what I told people about how people are are talking about me? Well I am going to tell you, I told them that I was famouse because people where talking about me.

So, thats it for today bye!


stay at home “fun”

Hello people of the universe today i am staying home from school because i hurt my ankle doing I dont know what on the day of haloween. Of course i did not tell anybody for what reason i dont know, but anyways i went to school the next day wene all of asudden in chorus my foot started aching so bad so i spent like four hours in the nurses office in pain then my mom picked me up and today (november 2nd 2018) I am staying home from school.

see you or talk to you next time


Hi everyone sorry I was not able to write on here since forever but anyways I started school acouple of months ago.

I am kind of loving math now but it is probably because the teacher makes it a fun experience. All my teachers are nice but just have one thing that is different about thiere personality. Also for gym class we have to change in the locker room. So a few weeks ago my right knee was hurting so badly so we went to the doctors to get it checked out but thier was nothing wrong with my knee as usual. But they still gave me a brace but I could not do gym until my knee was better. Of corse Im fine now but now I still cant do gym and we need a clarifying note saying I could do gym but no doctor has sent the note. But anyways thats it have a wonderfull week.


Hi everyone I know I have not been bloging but that is ok I am doing it right now.

My dad’s side of the family is from Peru wich they probably played soccer when they grew up.

So today we have my cousins my aunts and uncles to come see France playing against Uruguay, and then later we are going to watch the brazil team play against the Belgum.

Also did you know that in the spanish version of the soccer game when the players get a goal they yell goal for along time like for so long that it gets really annoying.

Different Countries

Sometimes my mom tells me that people from other countries are looking at my website. Like, today, she showed me that Ireland was on the list. Before, there were a few more. I get so excited to see that people that live in other parts of the world are interested in the things I say and the things that happen in my life.

Recess fun!!

Everyday when me and my friend Meghan go out to recess. Out side their is a slide and we go down it each day doing something different going down the slide. Today we did two truths and a lie while going down the slide. Always remember to be happy and always have a rainbow of pawsitivity!!😋😁😀!!!